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Paris is so gorgeous!..

i like this application, short and to the point.

Name: Allie
Age: 14
Grade: freshman
School/Job: BHS - student
Sex: Chick
Sexual Preference: Straight
Dating Status: Taken
Why are you so gorgeous: because i'm not ugly, but that's not the jist of it. i have a good personality and i'm a good hearted person always willing to help people when they need it.
Why should we accept you?: because im in love with the mod =P oh and because i'm active and i'll promote a bunch since that's what i spend most of my community life doing.
What's your opinion on Paris Hilton?: she's okay i guess, i don't really like her. i think she's made some stupid descisions such as "one night in paris", enough said. i don't think she's that pretty or anything special but i do like her sister.
Promote to TWO places & provide direct links here:
that's a pretty damn big promotion banner lol

Pictures: even though you already know what i look like

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