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welcome to so gorgeous <3

Welcome to So Gorgeous.. this is a rating community. We will be BRUTALLY honest. We will be bitchy. If you're ugly, we're going to tell you. In plain, nasty English. So if you can't take rejection, do not apply. If you get bitchy or whiny because you get a no or get rejected, you will get banned. And we will make fun of you more. So if your not prepared, don't join. Thanks dolls =)


Rules for applicants

*You must be at least 14 years old to join this community*

1. You must fill out and post the application, with clear pictures within 24 hours of joining.

2. You may not post in the community or comment on any post until you are stamped. You may only comment on your application post, responding to comments made on your post only. YOU WILL GET REJECTED AND BANNED FOR COMMENTING ON POSTS OTHER THAN YOUR OWN. NO ACCEPTIONS, NO WARNINGS!!

3. You must get at least 5 yes's, and obviously less no's, to be accepted, unless otherwise mentioned. THE MOD HAS THE POWER TO AUTOACCEPT/AUTO REJECT YOU AT ANY TIME!

4. Don't be rude or bitchy about a comment someone makes, or if you get rejected. We are here to rate you and be honest - if you can't take it, don't apply. Being rude/smart because of something someone says will get you automatically rejected and banned.

5. The subject line of your post should say "Paris is so gorgeous". This way I know you read the rules. =)

6. Before you post your application, promote hott and sexy to TWO other communities. Include the link of the community in the application, I WILL CHECK!

7. Do not delete your application for any reason unless you have permission from the mod.

8. NO NUDITY. I don't care what you look like naked.

9. NO links to pictures. we wont click them, itll annoy us, and youll get rejected. just read the FAQ and use the code for pictures. its not that hard.

Rules for accepted/stamped members

1. Please try to stay active. Try to vote on as many applications as possible. If you don't vote for an extended period of time, you may be removed and have to reapply.

2. Be honest. Be a bitch. We don't want ugly people in here, so if someone's ugly, tell them. If they read the info page, they're prepared for it. Don't feel bad. It's their mother's job to be nice, not yours.

3. You don't have to give reasons. A yes or no is good enough, but if you want, leave reasons, those are always fun. PLEASE PUT YOUR VOTE IN THE SUBJECT LINE SO ITS EASIER FOR ME TO COUNT.

4. Promoting is allowed, but only once a week. It MUST be under an LJ cut. If you promote more than once a week or it is not under an lj-cut, it must be deleted.

5. NO UNDECIDED. it's a yes or a no.

6. NO changing your vote. Make up your mind the first time.

7. Vote and promote :)

Bold the questions. Don't use blinding colors. Black and white is just fine. Use an LJ-Cut.

Sexual Preference (ie; straight, gay, bisexual.. this doesnt mean male or female. that would be your sex)
Dating Status:
Why are you so gorgeous:
Why should we accept you?:
What's your opinion on Paris Hilton?:
Promote to TWO places & provide direct links here:

Include at least FOUR CLEAR pictures


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